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The cloud-based home of your marketing materials

From corporate design guide and flyer design to social media ads – with Brand Admin, all marketing materials are gathered clearly in a cloud-based service and can be released design-consistently for all channels.

Based on our many years of cooperation with healthcare companies, we have developed a tool with the aim of optimising time-consuming internal company processes. Both you and your external service providers will benefit from this.


Digital Design Guidelines.

Where was our design manual again? And does it include last year’s update? These questions are a thing of the past, because with Brand Admin, the latest version of your guidelines is always within reach – just 3 clicks away.


Quick access with the Brand Explorer.

In Brand Explorer, your materials are no longer hidden behind long file names in countless subfolders, but are arranged clearly and concisely. And if you do like lists, our individual customisation options give you plenty of flexibility.


Design by yourself in Creator Mode.

In the creator, you and your team can create and export your own designs without an agency. Thanks to built-in corporate design-compliant templates and the power of a CMS, financial expenses can be reduced.


Up to date with notifications.

Have there been design changes? Has a script been uploaded for approval? Or have corrections been made to the text? With notifications, authorised users receive information about the latest changes.

Contact us and convince yourself

Have we got you interested? I’ll show you in a straightforward 15-minute video presentation on how you can save yourself time, money and frustration in the future. We are convinced that Brand Admin will improve your daily work routine, because Brand Admin was developed from our cooperation with our healthcare clients as a healthcare marketing agency – we know many of your needs.

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Jens Schemmel
CEO of the healthcare advertising agency mcs