Healthcare & Social Media

Campaign with strong interaction

Kampagnenmotiv einer Social-Media-Kampagne der Healthcare Werbeagentur mcs mit einer Patientin beim Zahnarzt, die erstaunt in einen Handspiegel schaut

It wasn’t enough for more?

Many health insurance companies advertise the change of health insurance towards the end of the year, but only a few hit the nerve of the beneficiaries.

The healthcare advertising agency mcs knew how to translate IKK BB’s selling points – such as excellent dental benefits and best value for money – into a creative and effective social media campaign.

While the YouTube video provides an initial incentive to change tariffs, the user can be fully convinced on the microsite. The premium savings are calculated directly online and the path to membership is only one click away. All social media measures of course take into account the corporate design of IKK BB, the health insurance company in Brandenburg and Berlin.



Creative Direction

Art Direction

Video Production

UX/UI Design Landing Page

Google Ads Campaign

YouTube Campaign

Facebook Campaign

Cinema Advertising

Tracking and Monitoring


Full spot on insurance switch: Our YouTube video linked to the convincing microsite.