Clinic marketing, recruiting campaign

What does Sophie have to do with care?

Pflegosophie (Care philosophy)

Berlin’s Theodor-Wenzel-Werk is a modern employer with numerous opportunities for further training – here responsibility meets joy. All that’s missing is a slick recruiting campaign. Our task? Communicate the advantages of TWW with a cross-channel idea – and fortunately there are quite a few of those.

Content as valuable as the employer: After extensive keyword research and substantial insights, we moved on to the conception phase with claim development. The result: an authentic recruiting campaign called “Pflegosophie”. We communicated through YouTube clips, a landing page with a strong key visual, a Facebook campaign and merchandise for job fairs.

Proven success: The recruiting campaign was not only excellently received internally – it was also immediately followed by unsolicited applications from the target group and an almost total filling of the vacancies in the TWW clinics. The “consequence”: An expansion of the recruiting campaign into the medical sector is planned.


Creative Direction

Art Direction

Key Visual and Claim

Video Shoot


UI/UX-Design Landing Page

Landing Page Development

Facebook Campaign

Tracking, Monitoring

Authentic and convincing: We let employees of the Theodor Wenzel Werk have their say in YouTube videos.
Billboards and CLP: We placed our testimonials in busy areas throughout Berlin.
Verschiedene Plakatmotive der Pflegosophie-Kampagne der Healthcare Agentur mcs
First the tests, then the ad: After carefully selecting the social media channels, we placed selected advertisements on the channels with the highest reach.
Logos von Google, Facebook und Youtube
People like to land here: Our landing page informs visitors about the care philosophy as a whole and about Theodor-Wenzel-Werk as an employer, as well as inviting potential applicants to apply.
A real all-round package: We developed various merchandise items for events to promote Pflegosophie comprehensively.
Bild eines Gymbags mit Pflegosophie-Aufdruck, gestaltet von der Healthcare Werbeagentur mcs
Ansammlung von vier Postkarten mit Titelmotiven der Pflegosophie-Kampagne, gestaltet von der Healthcare Werbeagentur mcs