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At mcs, creativity and humanity are only available in high doses. We rethink healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing.

Our diagnoses are accurate and every treatment is effective. To achieve this, we always work with an interdisciplinary approach in specialised teams that are individually adapted to each challenge. In close cooperation with our clients, we commit ourselves to going the extra mile: Attention, Desirability and Relevance.

Great detail and industry knowledge in healthcare marketing as well as high transparency and reliability in project execution are an expression of the aspirations of our 22-member team. In addition to specialised designers and copywriters, strategists and consultants also take on important tasks in our team, especially in the medical field.

In the leading roles

Jens Schemmel
Oxana Till
Head of Operations
Poosatha Fehrmann
Content Strategist
Moritz Behr
UI Designer
Linda Schröder
Graphic Designer

Hello future!

We say "opportunity" instead of "risk". As a licensed Google partner, we use our knowledge advantage for innovative strategies and campaigns.